"A vacation on a stick!"

Relax and put your feet up!

Crysalis Hammock Chairs are hand-dyed, with over 25 color options. They hang from a single point and stretch out to 8 feet, allowing you to sit up or lay down.

Why Choose Crysalis?

» Handmade in the United States!

» Hand-dyed with dyes we mix ourselves.

» We take custom orders and can match furniture.

» You can relax with your feet up or down!

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Quality Craftsmanship

The hammocks are woven one at a time using carefully chosen, durable materials. The ends are made with a strong woven knot that is connected to a metal ring. The maximum weight they will hold is restricted by what you hang it from and the quality of installation.

Show Schedule

We have been in many of these shows for 20 to 35 years but we are always adding street shows & markets!

Comments / Reviews

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Customer Reviews

The back hammock is 25 years old & still going strong. All our guests take the hammocks first. We spend most of our down time in them. Thanks for making a superior item.

-- Bill & Bobbi Harding

Your hammock gets washed every other year and gets dried in the  fresh air. Viola' done. We are big fans , my daughter missed ours so much she got two for her rec room. When she was pregnant she would come over on weekends to sleep in the swing because there was less stress on her back. We love the hammock!

-- Bobbi

I just wanted to say that my hammock chair experience has been more than a decade in the making.  I bought a chrysalis hammock at the Carolina Renaissance Faire in 2004 without thinking that I had no place to put it!  I've toted it around for 12 years, through a divorce and two moves and six years on faire circuit and finally I have a beautiful old farmhouse with a huge porch and I spend every single morning having my coffee or tea in my hammock chair on that porch.  It's my favorite part of every day! Thank you!

-- Benjamin Elizabeth


I just found the original tag from my Chrysalis Hammock. I think I purchased it at a Renaissance Festival in Western New York over 30 years ago. I wanted you to know it has lasted all this time. In the 90’s I hung it inside my waterfront condo in Buffalo. In Charlotte (been here 20 years), it has been outside now for the last 8 years. It has gotten dirty (I will follow the instructions on your website this summer to clean it), but otherwise it is in awesome shape. I still have the original hardware and wood bar it hangs from! Thank you for such an amazing product! Perhaps we will visit you at the Renaissance Festival in Charlotte this Fall.

-- Jeff

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"All the comfort of a full-size hammock but easier to hang!"