"A vacation on a stick!"

These hand-woven, hand-dyed hammock chairs are available in over 25 colors and two sizes. They hang from a single point and stretch out to 8 feet. They also have an adjustable back for sitting or lying down. Traditional full-sized, two point hammocks are custom-made and can be special ordered in cotton or polyester (white only).

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What is different about our hammocks?

» Made in the USA by the Crysalis Hammocks crew.

» We mix our own dyes & can match existing furniture.

» Made from the best materials we can get. Our hammocks use a

higher quality string than many of the imported hammocks without

sacrificing the comfort.

» 100% cotton, or polyester (white only, custom-ordered)

» They adjust in the back, making it

possible to sit with your feet up or

down without the need for any

sort of foot attachment!

» The ends of our

hammocks and chairs

are made with a strong

woven knot connected

to a metal ring.

» The beads in the picture

below make for a fully

adjustable back enabling

you to recline.

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"All the comfort of a full-size hammock but easier to hang!"

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