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  • How long do they last?

    How long your chair will last depends on how you take care of it. Wash your chair occasionally which revives the fibers. (It will tell you when it needs it.) Washing is good for your chair because dirt deteriorates cotton. Rain will not hurt your chair; however, it does contain dirt and after awhile the chair should be washed if it has been rained on several times.

  • Can I wash it in a machine?

    Wash your chair by hand in a bucket, sink, or bathtub. Use any laundry detergent that does not contain bleach with cold water. Lay it flat to dry or on a clothesline with the rings up. Never sit in your chair while it is wet. Cotton loses 25% of its strength when it is wet. Do not store your hammock wet; it will mildew.

  • Does sunlight break it down?

    Sunlight does not break down cotton, dirt does. The dowel rod, however, is affected by sunlight because it is wooden. It should be treated with varnish if it is in direct sun on a regular basis. Hang your chair in the shade under an overhang or protected area if possible or take it down between uses.

  • Does dye fade?

    Your chair is made from 100% cotton. Chemical dyes are used so fading will be similar to an article of clothing.  The dyes are set with soap so they will not rub off onto clothing. Do not hang bright colors in full sun. If fading does occur, chairs can be re-dyed to original color or a new preference.

  • How do you install it indoors/outdoors?

    The hammock comes set up for a standard 8 ft. ceiling or branch with the hardware that is needed. Make sure the hitching ring is screwed securely into a ceiling joist. Ceiling joists are located every 16 to 20 inches across the entire ceiling. You can drill a hole (slightly smaller than the lag screw) in the joist to make the installation easier. If you have suspended ceilings, you will need to go to the original ceiling for support. To hang your hammock in a tree, a length of chain can be put around the limb and secured with the “S” hook. If this is a permanent installation, protect the limb from the chain. The cord on the wooden rod of the chair can be adjusted to “fine-tune” the height of the chair. If you need to hang your chair from a high ceiling, you may use a welded-link chain or more “S” hooks. Beware of using ropes in place of chain because the swinging of the chair may wear them away. If swinging or turning is going to occur make sure you use additional hardware to keep the screw from coming loose, such as our swivel hook.

  • Can it be put inside?

    Yes, many people hang their hammock chairs inside in a bedroom or favorite reading area. We suggest that you buy an extra set of hardware so that you can hang the chair both inside and out. Refer to the question above for hanging instructions.

  • How much weight will they hold?

    The maximum weight they will hold is restricted by what you hang it from and the quality of installation.

    They will hold two average adults.

    * The chair bar is not made to support weight at the center. Do not use the bar to lift yourself out of the chair. Do not use the bar as a trapeze or exercise device.

  • Is it safe for children?

    Children tend to want to spin in the chairs. This can be dangerous not only for them but can also affect the installation of the chair. Because the hitching ring is screwed into the ceiling, it can become unscrewed during excessive spinning. Install a swivel hook or embed the hook into the wood. Consult a knowledgeable person as all installations are different. Only add top quality hardware designed to support weight.

    Hammock chairs are not designed for little babies. The weaving can leave holes which might cause young children to become tangled. Your baby should not be left unattended and a blanket is advised.

  • Can it be repaired?

    Beware of sharp objects in your back pockets and “snaggers”, such as buttons that can catch a string. Snags can be fixed by locating the tight string and gently working the snagged loop toward it. If you should break a string, tie the two ends together immediately to prevent unraveling. Your chair is made basically of one continuous string; therefore, after a break or snag is repaired, washing will help complete the reshaping.

  • Is there a guarantee?

    Quality of workmanship is guaranteed but the life span of your hammock is dependent upon how you take care of it. Following the simple care instructions will increase the length of time your chair will last. Hanging and storing your chair where animals won’t damage it and where it will stay clean are important. We have customers who have had their chairs 5, 10, 15 and 20+ years.

  • How do I adjust the chair back?

    To adjust the back of the chair, change the position of the beads and knots. The higher the knots, the higher the back will be. Keep the beads on top of the supporting knots. This will prevent the knot from becoming so tight that you cannot untie it. The set of knots closest to the chain-stitched edge should be about 3 to 4 inches higher than the second set of knots.

    For even wear, periodically adjust the back up and down. If stretching in the seat of the chair occurs, simply switch the beads and knots from the back of the chair to the front. Do this one bead at a time until you are used to making the switch. After a few switches, wash your hammock.

  • Are they hard to get into and out of?

    Hammock chairs are actually easier to get into and out of than full-size traditional hammocks. They are also safer because you can't fall out of them.

    To enter, simply sit down, lean back, bend your knees, put your foot into the front edge and push it out. To exit, drop your feet and stand up. If you have knee problems, just walk backwards until you are upright and duck under the pole.


  • Will you dye custom colors?

    Yes! Please contact us by phone or email.

  • Are there stands available?

    Yes. There are many stands available on Hammockology and Amazon. Check reviews for quality and weight restrictions.

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