In Business for Over 35 Years

Crysalis Hammocks has been around since the second year of the Sterling Renaissance Festival. For more than three decades our customers have enjoyed the comfort and durability of their Crysalis Hammocks, and they often come to our shops and tell us how long they have had them. There's even a 10, 15, 20, and 25 year club, an amazing thing for a textile! We proudly stand behind our "made in America" product. Crysalis Hammocks does several Renaissance Festivals throughout the country as well as many street shows.
Crysalis Hammocks hand-carved wood sign at a show
Crysalis Hammock chair display at a show

Original Design

Originally designed by Terri Koithan, each one is still hand-woven and hand-dyed. Born near Niagara Falls, NY, Terri developed a strong work ethic. One of six kids, she also inherited a unique characteristic from her dad, a determined stubbornness when it comes to getting an idea and making it a reality. Terri has an art and textile background from SUNY at Oswego and Syracuse University. With help from her father, she designed the chair and invented many of the tools on which it is made.
hand-crafted with quality materials

Highest Quality Materials

Long before the websites of the information age, Terri set out looking for manufacturers carefully, comparing and selecting materials that measured up to her high standards. She traveled and compared hammocks from all over, putting the qualities of the best together in her design. Over 30 years later, along with a small crew, she weaves and dyes each Crysalis Hammock using 100% cotton milled in the U.S.A. Unlike any other hammock, they are available in a large variety of colors.